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Build once, deploy everywhere

The easiest way to deploy yourDart&Flutterapplications to a globally distributed network

import 'package:dart_frog/dart_frog.dart';

Response onRequest(Request request) {
  final city = request.headers['x-globe-city'];

  return Response(body: 'Hello from $city!');

$ globe deploy

Why Globe?

Globe has everything you need to deploy and scale your app

Zero-config by default

Forget about complicated cloud infrastructure configuration files and deployment workflows. Globe lets you focus on your app, we handle the rest.

First-class integration with your favorite tools

Globe has a first-class integration with tools and frameworks widely used in Dart and Flutter ecosystems, like Melos, Dart Frog, build runner, and more.

Advanced caching algorithms for Flutter Web deployments

When you deploy yourFlutter Webto Globe – we add some secret sauce that makes it load faster for your users, no matter where they are located.

DevOps out-of-the box

Focus on features, while we focus on deployments, load balancing and scalability

Built-in CI/CD

Integrating your GitHub repository with Globe is as easy as a single click – we automatically install a GitHub application that will create a deployment every time you push your code to a branch.

Automatic load balancing and scaling

Globe is ready to handle spikes of traffic without you worrying about setting complex load-balancing and autoscaling infrastructure. To make things cost-efficient, we keep your deployments down until they have an incoming request and gracefully scale down when there are no more requests.

Know everything about your app

Access detailed statistics and logs to monitor every aspect of your app’s performance effortlessly

Usage statistics & analytics

Globe knows every aspect of your app’s usage and you always have access to this data on our dashboard.


Globe has everything you need to figure out what was happening while you were away with built-in filtering functionality.

Designed to fight network latency

When deployed to Globe, your app is available worldwide. We leverage the edge network features to have your users served as fast as possible.


Explore common Dart backend use-cases in our project templates

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Globe has a generous free plan that lets you deploy your hobby projects and explore Globe features with an upgrade path for higher limits

Free Tier

Get a taste of all Globe features for free.

Start for Free πŸš€
100k requests/mon
500Mb of bandwidth
720 cron job invocations
No overages
Changeyour tier any time.


Higher limits for larger user base.

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1mln requests/mon
10Gb of bandwidth
Unlimited crons
Opt-in pay-as-you-go


Designed for high-load systems that requires additional observability and 24/7 support.


Everything you would want to know about Globe. For more information exploreGlobe Docs


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