Environment Variables

Environment variables are a set of named values that can affect the way running processes will behave on a deployment. An environment variable can be used to store secret values which are not safe to be stored in the codebase. You may wish to use different values for different environments, such as development, preview, and production to connect to different databases or API endpoints.

Creating environment variables

To create a new environment variable, navigate to the Environment Variables tab in the Settings section of the project on the dashboard. Click the Add Variable button.

New Environment Variable

Enter the name and value of your variable. All values are encrypted, and can only be viewed by a specifically viewing it on the dashboard.

It is also possible to specify what environments the variable should be available in.

Accessing environment variables

Within your Dart code, you can access environment variables using the Platform.environment map.

String? value = Platform.environment['MY_VARIABLE'];

System environment variables

The following environment variables are available on all deployments:

PORTThe port that the application should listen on.