Globe is a deployment platform for Dart developers, that allows you to deploy your Dart applications to a globally distributed service without the need to manage servers, networks, or scaling. The core principle of Globe is a simplified deployment service with great developer experience in mind.


Some of the core features of Globe include:

  • Deployments: Deploy your Dart applications to Globe with a single command or automatically on every push to your Git repository. Globe supports both previewing and production deployments.
  • GitHub Integration: Globe integrates with your existing CI/CD pipeline to automatically deploy your applications on every push to your Git repository.
  • Custom domains: Assign custom domains to your projects, with SSL certificates automatically generated and renewed for you.
  • Organization support: Globe supports organizations, allowing you to manage multiple projects and users under a single account.

Why Globe?

Dart on the server is a great choice for building server based applications, such as APIs, websites, and more. The language has great support for building these applications with packages such as Shelf and Dart Frog providing a great base for getting started. However, deploying these applications can be a challenge for a number of reasons:

  • Developers require experience with cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean and more.
  • Familiarity with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform is required to deploy applications.
  • Critical components such as scaling, load balancing, and SSL certificates must be configured and monitored.
  • Integrating with CI/CD flows can be challenging, especially when deploying multiple environments and preview deployments.
  • This architecture comes with challenges such as managing cold starts, region based latency, and more.

Globe aims to solve these problems by providing a simple, easy to use deployment platform for Dart developers. Globe utilizes a number of cloud providers to provide a globally distributed service with the following benefits:

  • Zero management overhead of servers, networking and scaling.
  • Globally available regions. Globe deployments of your application are available around the world, providing low latency to your users and high availability.
  • Globe automatically scales your application to meet demand.
  • Built-in support for preview deployments, allowing you to preview every change, commit or PR before deploying to production.

Simply run the deploy command or push to your Git repository and Globe will create a globally managed deployment for you within seconds.